Informal Elegance

Lanugo is handmade luxury in leather and ethical fur. Customized individually.
Fashionable, comfortable and long lasting styles.

  • Philosophy

    Our business philosophy is based on luxury at reasonable prices. We strive to always give our customers as much value as possible for the least amount of money.

    We have chosen to deliver directly to customers and cut away the expensive retail link. Thereby, we can provide lux for less!

  • Styled & Fitted for You

    We attach great importance to personal styling and fit. We both tailor and adapt our leather and fur designs to the individual and make sure it fits perfectly.

    We have plenty of tips and ideas for individual styling and are happy to help you find the right look. Let us help you bring new life into your wardrobe.

  • Smart & Exclusive

    Lanugo's styles are made for women who loves and enjoyes nature's comfort and smart exclusive designs.

A must-have in your wardrobe



Buy clothes that nourish and lift you. Care is the key words... 

  • Danish Design made in Copenhagen

    Lanugo is a clothing brand born in Scandinavia, in Copenhagen. All the styles are produced in Northern Europe, mostly in Denmark, Copenhagen.

  • Ethical

    Lanugo designs exclusive handmade luxury furs and leather styles of high quality. Etichs are highly important. The materials used in the process are byproducts coming primarily from lamb and cow farming from Europe and the styles are produced in Northern Europe, mostly in Denmark.

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